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Note for students

In many classroom wikis, you do not have permission to remove/delete pages.

This is done for accountability. For example, if permission to remove pages is granted, a malicious individual may remove other students' work or may want to get rid of evidence of wiki vandalism.

Re-use and move Pages instead
If you have mistakenly created a page, remember that a wiki page is a blank slate, you can always:

  • re-use the page by changing the title and the content
  • move pages if you have created a page in the wrong place

You can ask your module coordinator/lecturer to remove pages if you cannot make use of the mistakenly-created pages at all.

If you have permission to remove pages:

1. Mouseover Tools, then click Remove.

2. You will be asked to confirm if you want to remove (delete) the page. Click OK to confirm.