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H.323 Call

 Calling a H.323 Device from a Zoom Meeting
  1. Launch and Start the Zoom Meeting.
  2. On the Zoom Host Control click on Invite.
  3. From the pop-up window, click Invite a Room System.
  4. Choose the Call Out tab.
  5. Type in the IP address of the H.323 device you're calling.
  6. Click on Call.
 Calling into a Zoom Meeting from a H.323 system
  1. On the H.323 codec, dial the IP address of Zoom's "Cloud Room Connector": (Singapore)

     List of Zoom's Cloud Connector IP Address (US West) (US East) (China) (India Mumbai) (India Hyderabad) (Germany) (Australia) (Hong Kong SAR) (Brazil) (Canada) (Japan) (Singapore)

  2. On the Room Connector welcome screen, type in the Meeting ID number (without the "dashes"), followed by passcode.

SIP Call

 Calling into a Zoom Meeting from a SIP Device
  1. On the SIP Codec dial Meeting Number followed by
  2. Click on Call.
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