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One user from the group must log into Wiki.nus once before the group can be added

If none of the users from a group have logged into Wiki.nus before, you will encounter a Group not found error message when trying to add the group. Get one of the users who is part of the group that you want to add to log in to Wiki.nus once, then you will be able to add the group. (Refer to 4.1.)

Users must log into Wiki.nus once before they can be added

If a user has not logged into Wiki.nus before, you will encounter a User not found error message when trying to add the user. Get the person/people you want to add to log in to Wiki.nus once, then you will be able to add them. (Refer to 4.2.)

You can only set User Permissions if you are a Space Admin. To set user permissions:

1. Navigate to Space Permissions

Click Space tools, then click Permissions.

Click Space Tools, then click Permissions.

2. Click any of the Edit Permission buttons

Click Edit Permissions.

3. Add the respective groups and/or individuals

3.1 Add Groups

Group Permissions are set based on Exchange mailing lists.

Enter the name respective mailing list (e.g. CITstaff), then click Add.

The text field will attempt to auto-suggest the group. Click the auto-suggested group if it it the group you want.

Add Group(s), then click Add. Click screenshot to expand.

Group Permissions Notes

  1. To all all NUS users, use the groups NUSStaff and NUSStudents.
  2. If the group permissions include confluence-users, your wiki is open to all registered Wiki.nus users. These include a small number of non-NUS users.
  3. If you do not want the wiki to be accessible all confluence-users, edit the permissions and uncheck all the options for confluence-users. Remember to click Save All.
  4. Since NUS Computer Centre removed module lists from Exchange in late 2015, Wiki.nus is not able to easily add the current cohort of each module to wiki spaces. Possible workarounds:
    1. Make the wiki space public.
    2. Relax the permissions for your space e.g. restrict to NUSStudents or other suitable mailing lists.
    3. Ask each student to log in to Wiki.nus, then add them as individuals to your wiki space.

3.2 Add Individuals

Individual User Permissions are set based on NUSNET User IDs. Enter up to 20 User IDs (e.g. citabc or u0123456), separated by commas, then click Add.

4. Select Permissions, then Save all

Check the permissions you want to provide to the various groups and individuals.

  1. Page Add permissions allows the user to add and edit pages.
  2. Restricting Delete permissions is advised unless you trust your users completely.
  3. Notes about the respective permissions.

4.1 Anonymous Permissions

If you want the public to be able to read your wiki, check View for Anonymous Access.

Do not check any other options for for Anonymous Access - this allows any user, even those not logged in, to make changes to your wiki space. There is no way to track these changes as all edits by non-logged in users are attributed to Anonymous.

Once the appropriate permissions have been checked for the groups or individuals, click Save All.