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If you wish to unsubscribe from email notifications in Wiki.nus, follow these instructions.

Unsubscribe directly via the email notifications

1. On the bottom right of the email notification, click Stop watching this space (or Stop watching this page).

If you have already deleted the email notification or you want to bulk manage your email notifications, continue with the steps below.

Click Watches

1. Log in to Wiki.nus if you have not done so. On the top right, click your profile photo.
2. Click Watches.

Stop Watching Spaces or Pages

1. Click Stop Watching for the Spaces and Pages you no longer wish to receive email notifications.

2. You may also want to edit your email settings to disable Autowatch and other email notifications.

Your Email Settings

1. Click Edit.

Edit Email Settings

1. Uncheck all options.
2. Click Submit.