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NUS did not purchase license for Zoom Rooms.

If you have setup and installed them in your meeting rooms, you can only use it as Unlicensed Rooms.

As an Unlicensed Room, you can:

  1. Join Zoom Meetings
  2. Send and Receive audio and video
  3. Receive Share Screen
  4. Assume host/co-host role (limited function) in the meeting if assigned by the Host.

As an Unlicensed Room, you will not be able to:

  1. Rename your Room before joining a meeting. You can only rename (if allowed by Host) once you join the meeting.
  2. Share Screen from the Zoom Room device.
    Use another laptop in the room to join the same meeting and Share Screen. Do not join computer audio on this laptop.
  3. Join a meeting that requires authentication and sign in.

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