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  1. For the safety and privacy of our NUS community and friends when Zooming, please note:
    1. Enable "Require authentication to join" is recommended. 
      Select "Sign in with NUS Zoom account at". 
      This will restrict so that only NUS Staff and Students with NUS Zoom accounts will be able to join the meeting. 
    2. Do not share the meeting ID and passcode on social media. And remind Remind your participants not to do so as well.
    3. Additional recommendation on Securing our Meetings.
    4. From 01 July 2020, all new Zoom Cloud Recordings will be set to: Only Authenticated Users can View.
      Viewers will have to sign in with their NUS Zoom account to watch the Zoom cloud recordings. External viewers will not be able to view the Zoom cloud recordings.
      Guide to share your Zoom cloud recording with external viewers.
    5. Zoom Recording Guidelines
    6. PDPC Concerns: Please inform your participants if the session will be recorded or livestreamed. If you use registration, do not collect more than necessary, and inform registrants what the data will be used for.
  2. Always keep your Zoom desktop client updated.
    It will provide you with the latest feature and security updates. It also addresses some of the reported bugs.
  3. NEW Feature Alert (22 Sep 2020): Allow participants to choose breakout room
  4. NEW Upcoming Feature Alert (27 Oct 2020): "Users can schedule meetings with Join Before Host set to allow participants to join 5, 10, or 15 minutes before the scheduled start time"
  5. Changes on Zoom licenses for students

    Dear Students,

    We have changed how Zoom licenses are allocated in NUS. Students without teaching duties are no longer entitled to a licensed account as we have a limited number of licensed accounts. Students will be allocated basic accounts and can still schedule Zoom sessions for up to 40 minutes.

    If you are a student Teaching Assistant or need a Zoom licensed account to conduct certain events, let us know the module code / module coordinator and special event  here.

    Other alternatives: 

    ·       Microsoft Teams

    ·       Skype for Business Online Edition

    ·       Zoom Basic Plan has no time limit for 1-to-1 calls. Group calls has a 40mins time limit.

    Best Regards
    NUS Zoom Team