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FeatureZoomMicrosoft Teams
Max no. of participants for online meetings300250
Join meeting linkYesYes
Calendar InviteNoYes
Waiting Room / LobbyYesNo, except non-NUS guests or NUS users not logged in.
Lock MeetingYesNo
Set password to meetingYesNo
Chat during meetingYes, during meetingYes, extends beyond meeting
Screen SharingYesYes
File SharingYes, during meetingYes, extends beyond meeting
Breakout RoomsYesNo, unless individuals groups go into their private channels.
Raise HandYesNoYes new
Virtual BackgroundYesYes new
External UsersYesYes
Participants in ChinaYesYes
Cloud RecordingYes, cloud or local driveYes, only Cloud (Microsoft Stream)
Attendance ReportYesNo (in the roadmap)