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There are meeting options available you when schedule a new meeting.

But there are some settings you can change on to apply to your account for meetings you host:


Table of Contents

Personal Data

Zoom only stores our user account profile information including: Email address, first and last name.
Company name, phone number, and a profile picture are all optional to provide.
Password will also not be stored if you are using Single Sign On.

Cloud Recordings

Cloud Recordings are processed and stored in Zoom’s cloud after the meeting has ended; these recordings are passcode-protected and by default are not downloadable to viewers and restricted to viewers from NUS only. If a meeting host enables cloud recording and audio transcripts, both will be stored encrypted.

Using Registration

Registration helps to ensure only approved registered user gets a unique join URL from Zoom. Others will not be able to join without registration even if they have the Meeting ID and Passcode.
Zoom only requires the First Name and Email Address from registrants, so that they can send out the invitation confirmation and information.

Note that you are responsible for handling the data provided by your registrants.
Do not ask more than necessary. You may also want to mention how you will use the data you obtain on the registration page.


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