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Once you come back to your main Vivado project, it will show a banner that 'IP Catalog is Out of Date' or 'myip_0 should be upgraded'. If it is the former, click Rerun in the IP Status Tab below. If it is the latter, clicking Report IP Status / Show IP Status will open up the IP Status Tab. Either way, after myip_0 is selected, click Upgrade Selected.

If you have difficulties with the 'IP Status' tab does not appearingappear, make sure that the IP Integrator is selected in the Flow Navigator, and try generating output products by right-clicking the .bd file from Sources. It will then show the 'myip_0 should be upgraded' if the upgrade wasn't successfully doneReports (top menu bar) > Report IP Status.

An IP Upgrade Completed will pop up once the IP is successfully upgraded. When you dismiss the message by clicking OK, it will show up a Generate Output Products window. Click Generate. Once the output products are generated, click OK to dismiss the message.  The IP Status will again show that one or more IPs have changed. Click Rerun again (the second time is for regenerating reports), but you need not (and won't be able to) click Upgrade Selected this time.