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Blog.nus is a hosted service like and, so your options are limited by what the Blog.nus provides.

If you need full control over your Wordpress blog, you should consider self-hosting your own installation of Wordpress.

These are the options for:

Editing the blog's theme

If you know how to edit Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), you can change the look and feel of your chosen theme.

You can do this in the Dashboard under Appearance > Custom CSS.

Requests to add blog themes & plugins

For further information on these topics, please refer to CampusPress' presentation on How We Review And Approve Plugins And Themes.

Adding blog themes

CampusPress has more than 450 themes installed (all mobile friendly) for your use in Blog.nus.

You are encouraged to use these.

If you have specific reasons for adding a theme, please note that:

  • CIT and CampusPress grant theme addition requests on a case-by-case basis.
  • DO NOT purchase a theme (if it is a paid theme) before finding out if it meets CampusPress' guidelines in the Adding Themes & Plugins guide.
  • CampusPress and CIT are not liable for your purchases, if you buy a theme without checking for its compatibility or if the theme is not approved for use.
  • CampusPress and CIT are not liable if a custom theme is not able to work on CampusPress in the future. CampusPress and CIT are not responsible for any issues with custom themes.
  • Purchasing a theme does not mean it will meet CampusPress' guidelines. Most themes are developed for single installs of WordPress which is different from WordPress multisite which powers CampusPress.
  • If you intend to purchase a theme, CampusPress recommends you contact the theme designer and ask them to confirm if their theme will pass CampusPress' guidelines. Alternatively, ask them if they will check it using our CampusPress code check plugin (installed by the developer on their own test server).
  • As a general rule, themes submitted to the WordPress theme repository are more likely to meet CampusPress' guidelines. CampusPress is less likely to consider a premium paid theme.
  • If the theme meets the guidelines and CampusPress approves the addition of this theme, please check that the pricing allows for installation on WordPress multisite.

Follow the instructions at CampusPress' Adding Themes & Plugins guide to submit a theme for approval.

Adding blog plugins

CIT highly discourages plugin installation requests because:

  • requested plugins may conflict with existing plugins
  • the plugin developer may not keep the plugin updated
  • plugins need to work across the whole of Blog.nus and across all templates

DO NOT purchase a plugin (if it is a paid plugin) before finding out if it meets CampusPress' guidelines in the Adding Themes & Plugins guide.

Before you send a plugin request, please check that:

You may send your plugin request to

CampusPress and CIT grant plugin addition requests on a case-by-case basis.