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Closed captioning allows you or another meeting attendee, assigned by the host, to add closed captioning in a meeting. You can type the closed captions directly via Zoom

Set your account to enable closed captioning, and you can then assign someone during the meeting to help you with LIVE captioning.

  1. Go to NUS Zoom Portal.
  2. Click on Settings.
  3. Look for Closed captioning
    Enable: Allow host to type closed captions or assign a participant/third party device to add closed captions.

In the Meeting:

  1. Starting closed captioning in a meeting

    1. In a Zoom meeting or webinar that you are hosting, click Closed Caption.
    2. Click one of these options:
      • Assign a participant to type: Opens the participants window. Hover over the participant's name and click More then Assign to Type Closed Caption.
      • I will type: Opens the closed captioning window for you to manually type closed captions.

Other Alternatives:

You can also other apps like PowerPoint for Microsoft 365. Present with real-time, automatic captions or subtitles in PowerPoint